Stand Up Queer – We are here

Stand up queer – We are here!

This is our motto for the CSD on the Spree on 25.07.2019.

Experience the euphoria of the CSD on the Spree from the board.

Become part of the SUPer rainbow fleet and paddle into the colorful glittering sunset on the Spree.

Let us be active together, celebrate our colorful lives and send a signal for equality and solidarity between all genders.

The ticket price includes the following services:
– Rental fee for the SUP and paddle
– Short briefing before the tour and tour accompaniment
– Pom-pom-alarm
– Photo documentation

Program changes reserved!

The paddle tour: We set off at the Badeschiff paddling east under the Molecule Man to get warm. We will try to welcome the boats of the CSD and to greet them with Pom-poms in the eastern port and after about 2 hours we will dock again at the StandUpClub.

The SUP experience: SUP’en is a complete body workout and a sport accessible for all fitness levels. Stand Up Paddling is fun and alters perspectives. Feel free and discover your possibilities on the water.

If you have never been on a SUP before, we recommend a beginner course in advance.


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