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  2. Choose your board and useful accessories
  3. Pay and get your board sent home packed in original package

We are official test center

“Test the best” with prior appointment

You can use the current RedpaddleCo. Test models with us and have your favorite board sent to your home. When purchasing a new SUP board, you can have the test fee charged.

Guide to purchasing a SUP board:

First, answer these questions:

  1. What do I want to do with the SUP Board?
  2. Which board suits me?
  3. Which board corresponds to my height and paddle skills?
  4. What budget do I have?

Since the ISUPs or inflatable boards are very easy to store and hardly use storage space, you have solved this problem before purchasing a redpaddle board.

Other benefits of an ISAP:

  • Transport easily in the practical trolley bag (just as big as a travel backpack)
  • Fits in the smallest cellar.
  • Lighter than comparable expensive hardboards.
  • Less risk of injury because the boards are softer.
  • More robust and no dents on impact on stones.
  • Ideal bathing island for children or snorkeling, diving, etc.

Each board gives a different glide feel and is different in handling, so we can only advise you, come by and test different models.

We are at your side with advice and deeds, but the best thing is you to test the different models and find your favorite!

“Try and Buy”

The following Redpaddle.Co Stand Up Paddle Boards and Paddles from the 2019 series are available for you to test and buy:

Redpaddle SUP Board for sale

If you want to test one or more SUP boards with us, please contact us via the contact form and enter your desired date in the message box.

We will contact you immediately to coordinate or confirm the appointment with you.

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