PACKAGE 3: SUP individual

Choose from the possibilities and put together your individual SUP group event.
What extras should it be, picnic on the shore, lunch in the Klipper restaurant, drink included, professional photo shoot.

What is included?

  • Paddle material: paddleboards, paddle, safety line, life jacket
  • Experienced SUP guide
  • You paddle all standing (kneeling in case of emergency) a round in the eastern port
  • Fun guarantee

What should you bring?

  • Spirit of discovery and a desire for new things
  • Clothes adapted to the weather, in which you can move well and which can get wet sometimes
  • Sun protection, eyeglass bands
  • Towel

Duration of the event:

You decide for yourself how long your event will last and what you want to do in addition. In time, the preparation, relocation, include valuables, distribution of the material, introduction, scavenger hunt and arrival, relocation and enjoyment are planned.

What else you should know:

  1. On site you can:
  • Enter with the reservation without waiting at the bathing ship
  • Admission is to be paid if you want to stay after the paddle round
  • Include valuables
  • Go to the toilet and move you
  • Pre-order drinks at the bar
  • Pre-order food at the Big Sur snack
  • Chill ing on the sand
  • Jumping into the pool
  1. Please arrive at least 15 minutes before the tour starts
  2. We can give you an invoice
  3. No, not everyone falls in, in fact there are only about 10 of all paddlers
  4. Only those who can swim are allowed to paddle
  5. Alcohol is taboo at Stand Up Paddling, please wait until after the tour to kick off the beautiful day
  6. Children are allowed to paddle with adults if they can swim and stand alone on the board

Request for PAKET 3: SUP individual

8 + 8 =

Note for more than 30 people, the group must be divided up and paddle one after the other!