Welcome to SUP test center

You are looking for the right board for you, your family, with a dog or as a gift?
At StandUpClub Berlin you will receive great advice and important tips.

Buying a SUP board – it can be this easy

  • Try the different models and receive advice
  • Choose your board and useful accessories
  • Pay and get your board sent to your home in the original packaging

We are an official Red Paddle Co and GTS test center

“Test the best” with appointment:
You can try the current models available in our SUP-Shop on site and have your favorite boards sent to you home. When buying a new SUP board, your test fees will get credited back to you.

We are available for tips and advice – your guide for buying a SUP board:

Get these questions answered for yourself first:
  • What do I want to do with the SUP board?
  • Which board is a good fit for you?
  • Which board fits my body size and my paddle skills?
  • What is my budget?

Since the ISUPS (inflatable boards) don’t take much space and are easy to store, you already solved this problem before buying a Red Paddle Co. or GTS Board.

Other advantages of an ISUP:
  • Easy transport in a handy trolley bag (about the same size as a large travelling backpack)
  • Fits even in the smallest basement.
  • Lighter than hardboards at a smiliar price point.
  • Less risk of injury since the boards are softer.
  • Robust and no dents when bumping into rocks.
  • Ideal swimming platform for kids while snorkeling, diving, etc.

Every board has a different feel gliding in a water and handles differently. That’s why we can only recommend coming by to test before you buy.

The best is to test the different models to find your favorite!

You want to test one or more of our SUP boards? Sign up through the contact from and put your preferred dates in the message field.
We will contact you to coordinate and confirm a date.

Anfrage SUP Testcenter

Aufgrund der aktuellen COVID-19-Regelungen dürfen wir leider unsere SUP Station – Badeschiff noch nicht öffnen!

Deshalb sind auch zur Zeit, am Badeschiff keine Buchungen möglich!

Solltest du jedoch Buchungen oder Gutscheine für das Badeschiff haben, kannst du diese natürlich auch an unserer SUP Station – Funkhaus oder jetzt NEU an unserer SUP Station – Schmöckwitz einlösen.
Wir freuen uns auf dich und einen tollen Sommer auf dem Wasser! Bleib gesund und stay safe!