Terms and Conditions StandUpClub Berlin –
SUP School and Rental

1. General
a) Participation requires that the participant
– can participate from a medical point of view (excluded e.g. epilepsy)
– can swim and can stay free swimming over water for at least 15 minutes and can return to the board on his own
– is not alcoholic or has used other drugs. See also point alcohol prohibition
The rental of our SUP Boards takes place only against indication of the personal details (name, address) and on presentation of the identity card or any other valid document.
The participation takes place at your own risk and risk. For children under 18 years of age, wearing life jackets is mandatory. You can also use your own vests that meet the requirements. In the case of minors, the written consent of the legal guardian or their participation is required.

2. Registration
Registrations must be made online, by e-mail or by phone. With the registration, the terms and conditions are recognized and the contract becomes binding and the cancellation policy is accepted.

3. Payment
The agreed amount for course, tour or rental (even if not in full appearance) is to be paid in any case before the start.
The rental prices (see notice) must be paid in advance at the time of issue, the minimum price for the first hour will be calculated or unless otherwise agreed. If timed out, a recalculation is carried out in a 30 min cycle. If the closing time is exceeded by more than one hour, 50 EUR overdraft costs will be charged.
In the event of a late return, the lessee shall be liable for any consequential damages. Early return does not entitle you to recover the rental price. Neither accident, accident nor weather changes entitle the lessee to a price reduction or to compensation.

4. Reservation/Cancellation
All online reservations are binding.
All e-mail reservations must be made in writing with signature and therefore binding.
– Groups/team events must be paid for at the time of booking of 50 or 100.
– Withdrawals are possible free of charge if an equivalent replacement (e.g. postponement of the date) can be made. Appointment rebookings are possible up to 24 hours in advance.
– Number of people changes up to 3 months before appointment are free of charge.
– Withdrawals from the registration date up to 14 days before tour/course/rental start require a handling fee of 30
– Cancellations of less than 7 days a fee of 50.
– No refund will be given for cancellations up to 48 hours before course/tour/rental start

StandUpClub Berlin may avade the right of withdrawal if the scheduled execution of the course or tour is significantly complicated, endangered or impaired by unforeseeable, exceptional circumstances, such as in cases of force majeure, thunderstorms, Cold or bad weather, illness of the instructor or even non-achievement of the minimum number of participants as well as closure of the bathing ship due to private event. The customer is then entitled to a full refund of the amounts already paid.
A fallback date can be found.

5. Instructions of the landlord
The instructions of the employees of the StandUpClub or persons working for it must be followed.
At SUP courses, tours and incentive events, the instructor is always to follow. In the event of grossly irregular behaviour that impairs or endangers the reputation, operation or safety of others, the participant may be removed from the proceedings after the staff of the StandUpClub has been removed and no refund of the amount already paid.

6. Equipment
Our boards and accessories are in perfect condition.
In the event of damage or loss (e.g. due to improper use, transport – including transport by third parties – or defective security), the lessee shall be fully liable for the time value of the material for the repair or replacement. The landlord accepts no liability for damage to third parties and due to improper handling. In the event of a traffic accident, the police must be notified immediately.
The tenant undertakes to return the board and accessories cleanly, otherwise a cleaning fee of € 7.00 will be charged.
In the event of an accident or accident, the landlord must be notified immediately and “instructions” await further conduct.

7. Complaints
The customer is obliged to report complaints and defects to the course/tour or station management immediately. The latter is mandated to remedy the situation where possible. Unreported damages are considered intentional and will be charged (even retrospectively). If damages are not reported, the tenant can also be held liable for consequential damages (e.g. failure of the boards due to repair). Normal signs of wear and tear are exempt from the obligation to pay damages.

8. Behaviour, duty of supervision
Bathing from the shore or from the jetties is not permitted. In general, there is a ban on swimming in the Spree. In the event of an infringement, the participant may be asked to return the material.
Parents/other supervisors have to comply with the supervision and are responsible for the safety of their children to be supervised (wearing life jackets…). Children under the age of 16 are only allowed on the water if accompanied by a supervisor.
The tenant is also responsible and liable for contamination of water, forest and the environment by the tenant. Waste and waste should be taken and disposed of. A minimum distance of 2 m should be maintained for all fixed buildings.

9. Duration and course of tours, courses, events
StandUpClub reserves the right to make changes to the course if they serve the safety, observance of the duration or the general wish of the group.

10. Alcohol and drugs
SUP Board rental, training or incentives are not rented or carried out to alcoholicors or persons under the influence of drugs. The lessee is not entitled to return the deposit. The use of drugs and alcohol before and during the lending period is prohibited. The course, tour or rental management reserves the right to exclude obviously alcoholic participants. The full participant fee is still due.

11. Photos
Photographs taken during a SUP tour are used for documentation and can be used for advertising purposes for StandUpClub Berlin.
If you wish to not be published, we kindly ask you to communicate this explicitly before the course or tour starts.

12. With the help of customers
Board loading and incoming boards may require the help of customers All rental items are to be returned immediately in clean condition upon return.

StandUpClub Berlin, Severine Scala, Hasenheide 94, 10967 Berlin, Germany
berlin@standupclub.de, phone: +49 (0)30 54031123
Competent District Court: City of Berlin