SUP Yoga – The New Trend on the Water

Swap the mat for a paddleboard

SUP Yoga strengthens your muscles, improves coordination, balance, leads to inner and outer balance and is a lot of fun.

First of all, you don’t have to be particularly sporty or articulate. During the yoga exercises in the pool, experienced yogis fall into the water and newcomers stay dry.

In the end, you should take your time on the board with a certain ease and see the SUP Yoga Indoor Workshop as a way to try something new, test limits and find the balance with fun. In case of water, there are extra points.

“Enjoy the yoga flow on the water”

You don’t have to be a SUP professional or experienced yogi to find joy, balance and balance on the water in this unique workshop. During the 90-minute workshop, the experienced SUP Yoga teachers of the StandUpClub Berlin will introduce you to the flow and introduce you to the new trend sport.

“Give in to the waves of water and feel harmony”

A complete body workout and intensive training of the inner muscles is waiting for you. It then says: let yourself drift, sink into the moment and concentrate on the essentials.

With SUP yoga you can let inner peace come in, because the external instability automatically strengthens the inner balance. Movement rhythm, strength and relaxation flow into each other like small waves.

“Detoxify your body and mind”

Our body consists of 70 water, this element gets going with the asanas on the board and contributes to detoxifying the body and mind. The calmer and more thoughtful you go into the positions, the calmer the board behaves.

You will be invited to throw previous experiences over board.

Workshop leaders at StandUpClub Berlin

The team of the StandUpClub Berlin shares the love for the element of water, for sporting activities, for harmony with nature, and to try new things.

The workshop series focuses on proper alignment and forces the elements water, board, movement and breath to symbiosis.

Since last year, SUP Yoga courses on the bathing ship and SUP & Yoga Retreats in Italy have been held regularly from 15-22 May 2016 and 19-26 October 2016.